The weightlifting cage, also known as a power cage, strength cage, or rack, is a gym machine that has a structured shape and is used to perform different exercises such as pull-ups, squats, military press, among others. If you are someone who wants to work on compound exercises with a single machine, an excellent option is a weightlifting cage. In it, you will find a great variety of alternatives to exercise different muscles and obtain the best results. It will always depend on your consistency and motivation to achieve what you want in the shortest time possible. It is important to know that there are weightlifting cages ideal for training at home, some of which are more compact and others designed exclusively for gyms. Power cages, whether for gym or home use, usually come equipped with the following components:
  • Bar with different types of grip.
  • Strap for lifting ballast.
  • Adjustable gym rings.
  • Adjustable bench with different positions.
  • Professional Olympic barbell.
  • Support for a bar with 2 pairs.
  • Security support with 2 pairs.
  • Olympic weight plate holder. 2 pairs.

Jaula de musculación

Benefits of a weight training cage

With a power cage, you can train different muscles and achieve noticeable and quick results. Below, we show you the different exercises you can do in a weightlifting cage:
  • Back, with pull-ups using different grips.
  • Shoulders, with push press.
  • Femoral and glutes with deadlifts.
  • Quadriceps with squats.
  • Biceps and triceps in barbell curls.
One of its main benefits, as we mentioned, is that the power cage allows you to work on various compound exercises; this will allow you to optimize your time since you can do several exercises on the same machine without needing to use another one. Another benefit is its design, a Power Cage is designed to protect the user from common accidents when working with progressive weights. There are safety bars on the sides that provide all the protection you need so you can lift weights safely; in case you can't lift anymore, you can simply release the bar and it will fall onto the safety bars. Lastly, you can add different accessories such as rings or resistance bands to further optimize the use of this machine and your training.

Salter weightlifting cages

"Salter" is a surname in English. It offers weightlifting cages which vary in their designs and can be used at home or in the gym. Weight lifting cages for gyms: For fitness enthusiasts, committed to constant training as a way of life, "Salter" is a surname in English. They have created professional-grade weightlifting cages for gyms, allowing for multiple usage and training options. These cages contain upper joints that allow for assembling several weightlifting cages to create a much more complete functional training structure, making them ideal for spaces within the gym. They come with accessories that help complete the functional training structure, allowing you to train as you wish. This enables you to work harder and with flexibility, thus reducing the chances of injuries. They allow you to exercise your entire body comfortably and safely, and are ideal for both men and women.

Functional training cage

Jaula Entrenamiento Funcional de SalterHome gym cages: For those who want to sculpt their bodies, train to improve their physical condition, and increase muscle tone without giving up the comfort of their home, Salter offers its ideal strength cages for home use. They are more compact, without losing their multiple functions, and are also suitable for use in gyms. Among its main features are its reinforced steel frames, adjustable safety bars in height, supports for regular bars at 24 height positions, pull-up bar, easy access platform for pull-ups, accessory anchors for suspension exercises, disk supports, among other accessories. Having a strength cage at home will allow you to train according to your time and availability, and you can also do it on holidays and without time limits. Who better than yourself knows your body and your training needs. They can be placed in a corner of a slightly more spacious room, in a patio, roofed terrace, inside the garage, etc.

Weightlifting Cage F-12020/50

Jaula de musculación F-12020/50 You can take your effort and perseverance both to the gym and within your own home. Salter weight cages Feel confident in having the best versatility, quality, and security to achieve all your goals.

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