Metabolic training involves alternating periods of high or very high intensity work during relatively short time intervals (between 20" and 5') with incomplete rest periods of between 10" and 60". Our Ergo line offers innovative machines for high-intensity cardiovascular or metabolic workouts. The three devices that make up the Ergo line are manufactured with robust, safe, resistant, and ergonomic designs to make you feel comfortable and motivated to push yourself every day.

What does the Ergo line offer?

AIR ERGO M-200 Bike: Just by looking at it, you'll see that it's specifically designed to bring out all your potential and intensify your physical effort. It is robust and has an air resistance system that allows you to select up to 12 preset programs and a manual program. It also allows for a dual movement of arms and legs, double seat adjustment, and direct transmission of the selected resistance level. Ergo Line M-200 Bike SELF-PROPELLED HIIT ERGO M-500 Treadmill: The Ergo line offers this innovative treadmill that allows you to improve speed and power, enabling you to perform high-intensity workouts that guarantee excellent cardiovascular exercise. It maintains a fixed 11º incline, 4 preset training programs, dual resistance system: air and magnetic, 7 Quick Control resistance levels, and a 15 kg inertia wheel that ensures a natural and continuous movement. Ergo Line M-500 TreadmillAIR ERGO M-360 Rowing Machine: Want to do metabolic training on a rowing machine? The Ergo line rowing machine stands out for its inertia wheel, ideal for enhancing fluidity and smoothness when performing high-intensity exercises. It has 12 resistance levels, created to adapt to the characteristics and needs of users through a double system: air and magnetic. If you want to do high-intensity cardiovascular or metabolic workouts, don't hesitate to do so with our Ergo line machines, designed and manufactured for this purpose. At Salter, we offer a wide range of gym machines for strength training and cardiovascular activity. Discover our products!

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