Physical exercise is vital for everyone, regardless of their age or physical condition.. It helps us stay in shape, achieve a better mental state, and, of course, be healthy inside and out. We usually associate sports with youth: at the gym, in nature, on the street... but the reality is that Sports in older people are crucial.. Of course, in general, the physical exercises that a young person and an older person do will not be the same. But it doesn't mean that an older person can't practice sports! Next, we explain 5 exercises for elderly people with sports equipment that will contribute to physical and mental health and improve their quality of life:  
  1. Dumbbell exercises

There are many exercises that we can to practice with dumbbells. They are a talisman and give us the opportunity to exercise various parts of the body With them, not just the biceps! Raising and lowering your arms with dumbbells is an example. Grab one or two dumbbells (one for each hand), lift it/them with your arm extended up to above your head and lower it/them down to your hip, alternately. We recommend our... C-0010 TPU or the rubber one PT-2801. There are weights starting from 1kg.  
  1. Stationary bike for spinning.

Cardio is essential in any physical exercise. To do this, you can use a elliptical or stationary bike. Which one best suits your needs? The Recumbent stationary bike XT-529 It is a great option for practicing cardio in the most comfortable way. However, if you prefer an elliptical bike, we recommend it. Titanium PT-1695/E.  
  1. Balance on one leg

Balance is a skill that is more affected in older people.. Therefore, it is important to work on it. To get started, stand on a raised surface and support all your weight on one leg while lifting the other one. Repeat the step by switching legs. This way, you will improve coordination and balance simultaneously.  
  1. Glute bridge on a mat

In this case, we are talking about the glute bridge exercise, although Having a mat will serve you for many other practices.. It helps to exercise the glutes and lower back, among other areas. Lie on your back on the mat, with your arms stretched out and placed at your sides. Now, start lifting your glutes and slowly lowering them. Can you get a hold of our Y-5460 mat to make the exercise more bearable and comfortable.  
  1. Wall push-ups

The elderly they may have difficulties performing Conventional push-ups (In fact, it is not recommended at all). But there is an alternative: To do them with the help of your arms and a wall. You should place the palms of your hands against the wall, keeping your arms extended, and bend them to bring your body closer to the wall. Repeat the exercise successively. These are just some examples of the many exercises that an older person can do. Remember that, although they can be done without the need for sports equipment, it does facilitate the routine: stationary and elliptical bicycles, a mat, dumbbells... The most important thing is to practice sports with enthusiasm and a positive attitude!

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