At the gym, in a sports center, or even in your own home. The stationary bicycle It is the star complement to complete a good training routine. And, in addition, you can use it in many places. They say that a training session is not 100% complete if you don't include a few minutes of cardio. And, What's better than practicing cardio with a stationary bike? It is an easy way that everyone can adapt to according to their needs. While it is true that doing sports with a stationary bike is, as we mentioned, simple, you have to learn some tips To do it correctly: maintain a good posture, set the intensity to a level that you are capable of, use it at the end of your workout... Let's give you 5 reasons to exercise with a stationary bike and that you start in this world in the best way.  
  1. You can burn up to 600 calories in one hour of training

Although With 30 or 40 minutes of stationary biking, is that enough?, You can burn up to 600 calories if the workout lasts approximately 60 minutes.  
  1. It is one of the most complete machines

With the stationary bike, you not only burn calories: you also You work an infinite number of muscles. of your body. Among them are the glutes, abdomen, biceps and triceps, back, quadriceps...  
  1. It helps you to perform different exercises.

Who says you can only pedal while sitting? Try to Do it with your buttocks separated from the seat., as if you were doing it standing up, and alternate by sitting. You will see how comprehensive the training on the stationary bike becomes.  
  1. You can train at home

You are not limited to training with a stationary bike at a gym or sports center, as it is a piece of equipment that you can easily purchase and place in your own home. Furthermore, There are models of foldable stationary bikes. that will help you keep the space clear.  
  1. There are models for all profiles.

Does the stationary bike adapt to you or do you adapt to it? The truth is that it can adjust to your needs. You just have to Choose the model that best fits your profile.   I'm sorry, but "En Salter" doesn't seem to be a complete sentence or phrase in Spanish. Could you provide more context or clarify your request so I can help you better? We have different types. depending on the user's usage or level: - Domestic: from the simplest, EVER PT-0077, even the most complete., PT-1715, passing through the I'm sorry, but "PT-1620" does not have a specific meaning in Spanish. It appears to be a code or reference that does not directly translate into English. If you can provide more context or information, I may be able to help you further.. - Semi-intensive: without neglecting comfort, you will find the Recumbent stationary bike XT-529 or the RS-24. - Professional: the best stationary bikes for professional athletes, such as the AIR ERGO M-200 or the I'm sorry, but "B8" doesn't have a clear meaning in Spanish. Could you provide more context or clarify your request?.   Have you already chosen your exercise bike? If you still have doubts about it Which one suits you best, we will explain to you which ones are the 4 best stationary bikes for home.

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