If you are left wanting more advice on healthy life after the #SalterChallenge, Today we are going to talk to you about sports and nutritionWith summer is just around the corner, It's time to get ready for the good weather. How?
  • On one hand, exercising with the cardio machines, , bodybuilding Please provide a complete sentence or text for translation. free weight from Salter.
  • And, on the other hand, eating a healthy and balanced diet.


The importance of good nutrition

To become the best version of yourself, eating well is essential. You must opt for a healthy and balanced dietOne of the superfoods of the moment are the chia seeds, especially recommended for athletes. Chia seeds represent a excellent source of fiber, antioxidants, calcium, proteins (up to 20% of its composition) and plant-based omega-3 fatty acids. Among some of its main benefits and characteristics, we highlight its satiating effect, low caloric content (which is why we recommend it in a weight loss program), It helps improve intestinal transit, increases hydration, reduces inflammation, and cholesterol levels. preparate para el verano In terms of sports performance and training, chia seeds are highly recommended. nutritional supplement in strength training thanks to the great energy contribution and the involvement it has when it comes to building and regenerating muscle tissue, as well as in endurance sports. You can consume chia seeds by salads, stir-fries, rice dishes, yogurts, etc.

Doing sports to get ready for the summer

Of course, in addition to good nutrition, we must add the to do sports. With Salter's cardio and strength training machines that you can install in your home, you can dedicate a few minutes a day to taking care of your body. If you want to achieve better results in record time, we recommend that you invest in the HIIT training (High-Intensity Interval Training) This is a type of circuit training based on a combination of high-intensity work intervals with rest periods. The most common form of HIIT training combines 30 seconds of work with 30 seconds of recovery and includes 10 exercise stations. They are carried out 2 laps around the circuit, so that eIn 20 minutes we can carry out an intense training session that will activate our metabolism and will allow you to maintain the effects of the training for longer, so that the results are evident more quickly than with conventional training. Choose global exercises that include large muscle groups and integrate the main parts of the body. preparate para el verano On the other hand, you can motivate yourself to practice cardio in the treadmill. This exercise is fantastic for take care of your cardiovascular health as it significantly improves your endurance. cintas de correr, preparate para el verano Once you finish your sports session, you should dedicate a few minutes to stretch your muscles to favor their recovery and enhance their elasticity. Remember that in Salter.es you will find our extensive catalog on cardio machines, , banks and supports, , weights, , spare parts So you can get ready for summer... and much more! Additionally, we launch new weekly offers on selected products with discounts of up to 70%. Take advantage!

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