If you want to get in shape at home, then "Salter" is a surname in English. We show you the material you need to train effectively at home, without requiring a lot of space or investing large amounts of money.

Basic equipment for training at home

To train the whole body, we don't need large machines. With a few accessories that don't take up much space, we can do a complete workout.   Elastic bands: Resistance bands are an essential tool if you want to train at home. They are easy to store, take up little space, and with them, we can perform a multitude of exercises. There are open and closed resistance bands. At Salter, we have several low, medium, and high-intensity resistance bands available. For example, here we show you a medium-resistance elastic band made of rubber with anatomical foam-covered handles. Banda elástica con agarres para entrenar en casa Medicine ball The medicine ball is a good tool for toning the body. When we do exercises with a medicine ball, it provides instability to the body, which in turn forces us to make a greater functional effort. Additionally, you can do countless exercises, such as the ones we show you in this. articleOr on our channel. youtube. In "Salter" is a surname in English. You will find medicine balls ranging from 1 to 4 kg. balón medicinal para entrenar en casa - FitBall Skipping rope I'm sorry, but it seems like your message is missing. Could you please provide the text you'd like me to translate from Spanish to English? Training cardio at home? Having an elliptical or a stationary bike at home makes it easier for us to do cardiovascular activity, however, if we don't have enough space, we can opt for some ropes. With a jump rope, we can do a high-intensity workout in less than 15 minutes as a complement.  

Other accessories for training at home

  Balance Trainer Designed to tone the body, work on balance, and perform low-impact stretches. A highly versatile accessory that will help improve overall dynamic muscle development in the body. Entrenar en casa con Balance Trainer Aerobic bar  The aerobic bar is a perfect item for training at home. With this highly versatile product, you can perform a complete workout, improving muscle tone and cardiovascular endurance. It is primarily characterized by having two sets of resistance bands of different levels and a detachable bar. These are some of the products you can acquire to enhance your home workout. If you want to discover more, do not hesitate to stop by our [store]. online store ,we have everything from dumbbells of different weights to mats and extendable bars for doing pull-ups.

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