At Salter we always promote a healthy life through sports, and that's why we like to encourage it. Of course, also because we are dedicated to it and we try to make the sports routine more bearable with our sports articles. But it is of little use to maintain an active and sports-oriented life if we do not take care of our diet. These are two concepts that must always go hand in hand.  

Sports and Nutrition: Why are they related?

Primarily, nutrition is the key factor to maintaining good health. This is because when we exercise, we expend a lot of energy and this energy is replenished with the nutrients from a healthy diet.  

How does it work exactly?

  • Our body obtains nutrients from the reserves we create from the food consumed beforehand.
  • We can obtain nutrients through a healthy diet.
  • It is essential for an athlete to take care of their diet as reserves are not unlimited.

The best allies for your health

It is important to ensure the intake of carbohydrates before, during, and after training. Cereals and legumes are great examples of foods rich in slow-release carbohydrates. Fruits, on the other hand, are rich in fast-absorbing carbohydrates.. Of course, we cannot forget sports. It is another pillar of health and it is important to design a routine based on your needs and abilities to lead, along with a healthy diet, a fully healthy life. Spinning, with indoor bicycles, is a sport you can incorporate into your daily life to help you on the path to a healthier life.  

How you can complement diet and exercise

This is a simple task. Do you already have a sports routine? Now you just need a balanced diet. It's not just about eating vegetables and fruits, but about achieving a balance between excess and healthy. The Mediterranean diet is the best option to lead a healthy life and complement it with sports.   What is your trick to lead a healthy life? How do you manage to balance diet and exercise in your daily life? Tell us!

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