Gym machines are currently one of the most demanded gym machines by individuals and gyms alike. Keeping the body in shape is very important, not only for a good appearance but also for health maintenance. At Salter, you can find a wide catalog of cheap professional-quality strength training machines, divided into the following categories: pulleys and multi-pulleys, plate machines, lever machines, free weight machines, functional training, multifunction, circuit, and accessories.

What are cheap strength training machines used for?

The choice of strength training machine to buy depends mainly on your goals. The multifunction strength training machines are a great alternative as they include many extras to perform all kinds of exercises and thus train all muscles of the body. An example of these is our Functional Trainer Inspire multifunction strength training machine, which combines two machines in one: Multipower and Dual Motion. It includes a series of pulleys, upper pulley outlets for traction exercises, pull-up bar, specific bat for baseball and golf exercises, etc.

Other Strength Training Machines: Benches

Weight benches are also highly recommended strength training machines. They are specially used for torso exercises, although there are some models that include leg extensions and therefore allow training the lower body, like our F-5561 Multifunction Bench strength training machine.

Other Strength Training Machines: Pulleys

Pulleys and cables are a highly demanded type of strength training machines as they allow training practically all muscle groups. Although they do not allow strength training, they are excellent for performing higher repetition sets. There are various exercises: chest press, triceps, shoulders, woodchopper abs, etc. The Crossed Pulleys M-2090 multifunction strength training machine includes a series of transmission pulleys with ball bearings and a high-resistance transmission cable with built-in tensioner. It also has a load selector with a magnetic safety system and a pull-up bar. Now is the best time to discover the complete catalog of cheap strength training machines from Salter, for both individuals and professionals. If you are interested in delving deeper into strength training machines, we recommend reading our article on Lever Machines, advanced muscle training, or if those don't convince you, take a look at our gym machines catalog. We are your trusted online store for quality.

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