During the Covid-19 pandemic, the presence of the online sports community has increased from 5% to 30%. Many people, either due to fear of contagion or for convenience, started training at home due to the global situation since gyms remained closed for a long time. So, whether out of habit or necessity, we have gotten used to exercising at home. For this, it is not very common to have a full gym room or even a wide variety of sports equipment. While it is true that sports become easier with various elements that allow us to do many exercises, with little, we can achieve a lot. Dumbbells are the key element in this sense.

An invention with history

The dumbbell emerged as such in the late 19th century, although in Ancient Greece, similar elements were already used for training. Initially, the first bars had globes filled with sand. Years later, these were replaced by the current discs we are familiar with.

How can you exercise glutes with dumbbells?

There are thousands of exercises that we can do to train different parts of our body with dumbbells, but this time we will focus on the glutes. Not all exercises will help us increase the volume of our glutes. Also, every workout should be accompanied by a good diet rich in proteins. The use of weight, such as that provided by dumbbells, will help us increase the intensity of the workout. And this is how you can exercise your glutes with dumbbells, so we are going to recommend the four best exercises for this purpose.


This is one of the most interesting exercises to increase strength in the lower body. They are classic squats, but using a dumbbell in each hand to enhance strength.

Glute bridges

For this exercise, lie on your back on the floor. Place a dumbbell on your pelvis and start lifting and lowering your hips against the floor alternately.


For this, you need two dumbbells. Hold one in each hand, close to your sides. Keeping one leg fixed, step forward with the other and alternate the exercise.

Romanian deadlift

The last exercise, but not least (in fact, it is one of the most effective for exercising glutes with dumbbells) is the Romanian deadlift. It not only helps us train the glutes with dumbbells but also works on abdominal stability. Hold one in each hand, place them close to your body in a straight line, and slightly bend your legs. Try to keep your back straight at all times. Would you like to try this exclusive workout to exercise glutes with dumbbells? Don't forget to have this very important piece of equipment. Find the weight that best suits your needs and abilities in our online store.

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