Keeping your gym equipment in perfect condition and  extending its lifespan is possible if you follow some guidelines.

We've already talked about how to adjust a stationary bike (seat, handlebars, and pedals) and how to grease your treadmill, but today we will focus on those simple daily gestures that will allow you to effortlessly maintain your cardio machines so they last for many years.

6 points to properly maintain your gym equipment

1. Removing dust and dirt from your gym machines is one of the most important guidelines to consider for their proper care and maintenance.

2. After each workout session, you should wipe a slightly damp cloth over all exposed surfaces. Sweat is highly damaging to metal surfaces, so it is extremely important to follow this first guideline.

3. Check for loose or missing parts if you want to maintain your gym equipment, loose screws, frayed or worn power cables, or abnormal noises.

4. In the case of bikes and ellipticals, their maintenance focuses on a more thorough check of pedals, backrests, belts, and seats. Each of these parts is designed to meet the different characteristics and needs of users, so to ensure safe exercise, it is mandatory to check the adjustment levels of each part and tighten the mechanisms.

5. In the case of gym machines like treadmills, carefully follow the manual instructions to lubricate the belt. Consider the model, as there are treadmills that do not require lubrication or it is done automatically.  Adjusting the belt tension and aligning it are essential to extend the life of the belt and the motor.

6. Consoles are one of the most delicate elements. Accumulated humidity and sweat are their biggest enemies. To protect them from suffering any problems associated with both issues, you must clean the screen with a dry cloth or sponge, without touching the electronic components too much. This will help prevent any discharge or electrical damage.

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